Qcorp is a database which collects annotated health care-related questions in Chinese. Qcorp currently contains 5000 consumer health questions in Chinese that annotated with 7101 tags by 8 annotators with a two-layered classification schema consisting of 29 topic categories. The annotated questions, as well as the classification schema and annotation guidelines were openly accessible on the Qcorp website with a user-friendly interface. Users can download the annotated Chinese questions in CSV, XML, and HTML format.

Users should demonstrate in their published paper that they have used this corpus and cite the references as follow:

[1] Guo H, Na X, Hou L, Li J. Classifying Chinese Questions Related to Health Care Posted by Consumers Via the Internet. J Med Internet Res. 2017 Jun 20;19(6):e220. doi: 10.2196/jmir.7156.

[2] Guo H, Li J, Dai T. Consumer health information needs and question classification: analysis of hypertension related questions asked by consumers on a Chinese health website, In Proceedings of the 15th World Congress on Health and Biomedical Informatics, São Paulo, Brazil, 19-23 August 2015, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, IOS Press, 2015, 216: 810-814. PMID: 26262164

Figure. The distribution and relationships of annotated tags of Chinese health questions.