Table CDR62745 Male Breast Cancer Treatment/男性乳腺癌治疗
ID Type Description_en Description_zh
w1 Word Progesterone 孕酮
w2 Word Orchiectomy 睾丸切除术
w3 Word Distant Metastases 远处转移
w4 Word Deaths: 410 死亡病例:410例
p1 Phrase New cases: 2,240 新发病例:2,240例
p2 Phrase male breast cancer 男性乳腺癌
p3 Phrase Initial Surgical Management 初始手术治疗
p4 Phrase Locally Recurrent Disease 局部复发
p5 Phrase Trastuzumab (under clinical evaluation) 曲妥珠单抗(在临床评估阶段)
p6 Phrase Sexuality and Reproductive Issues 性功能与生殖系统问题
p7 Phrase Sweats and Hot Flashes 出汗与潮热
p8 Phrase Tamoxifen (under clinical evaluation) 他莫昔芬(在临床评估阶段)
p9 Phrase Male Breast Cancer (PDQ®): Treatment 男性乳腺癌(PDQ®):治疗​​
p10 Phrase Tamoxifen for estrogen receptor–positive patients 雌激素受体阳性患者可接受他莫昔芬治疗
p11 Phrase Initially, hormonal therapy is recommended 内分泌治疗开始作为推荐治疗方法
p12 Phrase Male breast cancer is rare 男性乳腺癌十分罕见
p13 Phrase CAF: cyclophosphamide plus doxorubicin plus fluorouracil CAF:环磷酰胺、阿霉素、氟尿嘧啶
p14 Phrase CMF: cyclophosphamide plus methotrexate plus fluorouracil CMF:环磷酰胺、甲氨蝶呤、氟尿嘧啶
p15 Phrase General Information About Male Breast Cancer 男性乳腺癌的基本信息
p16 Phrase Hormonal therapies may be used sequentially 内分泌治疗可以为序贯治疗
p17 Phrase Treatment Options for Male Breast Cancer 男性乳腺癌的治疗选择
p18 Phrase Intraductal cancer has been described as well 导管内癌也较为常见
s1 Sentence The lead reviewer for Male Breast Cancer Treatment is: 男性乳腺癌治疗的首席审核人为:
s2 Sentence Hormonal therapy has been recommended in all receptor-positive patients 推荐所有雌、孕激素受体阳性患者接受内分泌治疗
s3 Sentence Response to hormone therapy correlates with presence of receptors 对内分泌治疗的反应与是否有阳性受体相关
s4 Sentence Whether ploidy and S phase correlate with survival is uncertain 基因扩增倍数与DNA合成S期跟生存率之间的相关性仍不确定
s5 Sentence Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of male breast cancer 关于男性乳腺癌治疗的专家审核信息
s6 Sentence Less than 1% of all breast carcinomas occur in men 男性乳腺癌占所有乳腺癌的比例不足1%
s7 Sentence Surgical excision or radiation therapy combined with chemotherapy is recommended 建议进行手术切除或放疗联合化疗
s8 Sentence Estrogen-receptor and progesterone-receptor status and HER2/neu gene amplification should be reported 雌激素受体、孕激素受体与HER2/neu基因扩增倍数与预后的关系也该进行报道
s9 Sentence Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist with or without total androgen blockage (anti-androgen) 促​黄体生成素释放激素拮抗剂联合或不联合全雄激素阻断(抗雄激素治疗)
s10 Sentence Primary standard treatment is a modified radical mastectomy with axillary dissection 主要标准治疗术式为改良根治术联合腋窝淋巴结清扫
s11 Sentence Overall survival is similar to that of women with breast cancer 男性乳腺癌总生存率与女性乳腺癌相似
s12 Sentence Responses are generally similar to those seen in women with breast cancer 治疗效果与女性乳腺癌患者基本相同
s13 Sentence (Refer to the PDQ summary on Breast Cancer Treatment for more information.) (更多信息请参考PDQ总结乳腺癌的治疗​)
s14 Sentence Standard chemotherapy combinations of CMF and CAF are recommended after failure of hormonal therapy 建议内分泌治疗失败的患者接受CMF与CAF等标准化疗联合方案
s15 Sentence Hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination of both have been used with some success 内分泌治疗、化疗或二者联用均成功用于远处转移的治疗
s16 Sentence Estimated new cases and deaths from breast cancer (men only) in the United States in 2013: 据估计,2013年美国乳腺癌(仅男性乳腺癌)新发病例数与死亡病例数分别为:
s17 Sentence Approximately 85% of all male breast cancers are estrogen receptor–positive, and 70% of them are progesterone receptor–positive 所有男性乳腺癌患者中雌激素受体阳性率约为85%,其中70%患者的孕激素受体为阳性
s18 Sentence Lymph node involvement and the hematogenous pattern of spread are similar to those found in female breast cancer 淋巴结受累与血源性转移情况也与女性乳腺癌相似
s19 Sentence The TNM staging system for male breast cancer is identical to the staging system for female breast cancer 男性乳腺癌的TNM分期系统与女性乳腺癌相同
s20 Sentence The pathology is similar to that of female breast cancer, and infiltrating ductal cancer is the most common tumor type 男性乳腺癌的病理与女性乳腺癌相似,最常见的病理类型为浸润性导管癌
s21 Sentence The impression that male breast cancer has a worse prognosis may stem from the tendency toward diagnosis at a later stage 男性乳腺癌通常预后较差,可能与诊断时分期已经处于较晚期相关
s22 Sentence Predisposing risk factors appear to include radiation exposure, estrogen administration, and diseases associated with hyperestrogenism, such as cirrhosis or Klinefelter syndrome 易感因素可能包括射线暴露、雌激素药物或与引起雌激素增多的疾病例如肝硬化或Klinefelter综合征
s23 Sentence Inflammatory carcinoma and Paget disease of the nipple have also been seen in men, but lobular carcinoma in situ has not 男性乳腺癌的病理类型也包括炎性乳腺癌与乳头Paget's病,但不包括小叶原位癌
s24 Sentence The mean age at diagnosis is between 60 and 70 years, though men of all ages can be affected with the disease 尽管各年龄男性都有可能患此病,但男性乳腺癌患者诊断时的年龄在60-70岁之间
s25 Sentence Definite familial tendencies are evident with an increased incidence seen in men who have a number of female relatives with breast cancer 在具有较多女性乳腺癌患者亲属的男性中,男性乳腺癌有明显的家族聚集性
s26 Sentence An increased risk of male breast cancer has been reported in families in which the BRCA2 mutation on chromosome 13q has been identified 染色体13q上BRCA2基因突变家系中男性乳腺癌风险增高
s27 Sentence Tamoxifen use, however, is associated with a high rate of treatment-limiting symptoms, such as hot flashes and impotence in male breast cancer patients 但男性乳腺癌患者接受他莫昔芬治疗后,药物不良反应发生率较高,包括潮热和性功能障碍
s28 Sentence Breast conservation surgery with lumpectomy and radiation therapy has also been used and results have been similar to those seen in women with breast cancer 包括肿物切除加术后放疗的保乳手术也可用于治疗男性乳腺癌,治疗效果与女性乳腺癌相似
s29 Sentence Prognostic factors that have been evaluated include the size of the lesion and the presence or absence of lymph node involvement, both of which correlate well with prognosis 已经过评估的预后因素包括病变大小和是否存在淋巴结受累,这两项因素均与预后有明确相关性
s30 Sentence (Refer to the PDQ summaries on Sweats and Hot Flashes and Sexuality and Reproductive Issues for more information on these symptoms.) Responses are generally similar to those seen in women with breast cancer (关于这些症状的更多信息请参考PDQ总结出汗与潮热及性功能与生殖系统问题)治疗反应通常与女性乳腺癌相同
s31 Sentence In men with node-negative tumors, adjuvant therapy should be considered on the same basis as for a woman with breast cancer since there is no evidence that response to therapy is different for men or women 对于淋巴结转移阴性的男性乳腺癌患者,辅助治疗的作用与女性乳腺癌相似,目前研究认为男性乳腺癌与女性乳腺癌的治疗效果相同
s32 Sentence In men with node-positive tumors, both chemotherapy plus tamoxifen and other hormonal therapy have been used and can increase survival to the same extent as in women with breast cancer. Currently, no controlled studies have compared adjuvant treatment options 对于淋巴结转移阳性的男性乳腺癌患者,化疗联合他莫昔芬治疗方案提高生存率的效果与女性乳腺癌相似,目前尚无比较不同辅助治疗效果的对照研究